(Aircraft Rental)

With over 20 years of experience, 2bapilot nyc Flight School located in Republic Airport, Farmingdale New York is servicing the New York Metropolitan area, since 1996. As one of the leading flight schools in NY, WE TRAIN FOR PRIVATE, INSTRUMENT, COMMERCIAL , flight instructor, ATP single, multi-engine, and sea plane rating.

  • Flight Instructors

    My name is Danny Waizman, I am a Certified Flight Instructor for Single Engine and Multi Engine Airplanes. I teach from A to Z, meaning private, instrument, commercial.

  • Introduction

    You probably have a driver's license issued by your state government. The federal government governs pilot privileges and requires specific flight experience.

Valentine Special

199$/HR, includes Ground Lesson, Simulator experience, and Up to 1Hrs of Air time.

"Get for your loved ones the adventure flight over the Southern or Northern coast of Long Island. You can be also part of his/her first experience as a passenger at the back seat"


"Many thanks to Mr. Danny Waizman for helping me achieved my life dream. It is his passion for aviation, incredible amounts of knowledge and experience that makes him a great instructor. I encourage everyone that wants to be a part of aviation to contact 2BAPilot NYC Flight School And Aircraft Rental."
- Paul